MSC Seaview , get ready for us !!

Wells that me out of office for the first real break of the year, back to the mill on 03/09/2018

These are the two little munchkins off on their first cruise, well the eldest did one years ago for 2 nights, but he was only three and can hardly remember that !! Along with Mummy, Daddy too.

We start off in Barcelona, flying out tomorrow for two nights, hoping that Ryanair will be kind, and not cancel any flights. We then get the ship on Friday and sail around the Med for 7 nights.

I am so looking forward to this break, its been in the planning for over eighteen months. It has been interesting talking to customers and other colleagues who have already been on board, mixed reviews. We have lots of age groups with us, so I will really be able to get a good feel for everyone’s opinions, some have cruised before, some not.

No doubt you will be seeing lots on my facebook page while on board, great now that Europe is open on all of the networks so it won’t cost a fortune, at least not while in ports.

Msc has really gone to town on these new ships, this is the sister to Seaside which has already left for the Caribbean, not normally the size of ship I would choose, but yet again the child prices are so good, and that’s all year round.

Look out for the next blog and I will be updating with lots of photos.

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