Land holiday or Sea ?

You would think from this picture I am on a posh cruise ship, alas not peeps, good old Benidorm !!

We have recently returned after a weeks holiday with Jet2, flying out of Birmingham at stupid 715am in the morning, leaving our house @ 4 am and actually getting to the hotel in Spain @ 1 pm that’s 8 hours from start to finish, we were exhausted.

Met with our friends who arrived slightly later, in from Belfast and settled into the Presidente Hotel for our seven night Half Board stay, we were pleasantly surprised by the food, breakfast was very good with all of the usual offers, hot and cold, a little rushed as only open from 8 am – 10am, not great for my husband who like to be awake for a few hours before eating, but we managed.

Dinner was okay, food good, no coffee or water, this you had to purchase, I did struggle a couple of times, only because I am a really fussy eater, in general, the food was more than adequate.

Was it celebrity? no

Would I go again? right price with the right people, yes, it was the people that made this holiday for me, and the weather helped, around 22 each day so no complaints here.

This was the general mode of transport and for the first time ever I saw one of these a tandem !!

Entertainment very varied, stacks of tribute bands/groups and of course the drag artists who are always hilarious and usually talented.

Fabulous beaches, maybe not quite for sunbathing in March but lovely to walk along and very flat, I can see the appeal for the physically challenged, very easy to get about, and thousands of restaurants/bars to sit and rest whenever the urge takes you

We booked through Jet2 and thought this was a very slick operation, no hassling us in the resort, my only complaint was on the plane after we had ordered and paid for a sandwich, they announced they were selling them at half price !! how rude!

One of the best ideas I have seen with a tour operator, they collect your luggage from the hotel in trucks, check you in, at the hotel, and off your bags go, not to be seen again until destination, worked like a charm, very impressed.

All in all, this was not a “cheap” break, with the holiday and spends, around £1400 for a week in March me thinks the next cheapie break I| will be doing is a cruise !!

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