Independence is back , with Explorer of the Seas for 2019 !! on sale now

Summer 2019 on sale , how the time flies , we have been waiting to see who we were getting , so now we know, Explorer of the seas and the newly refurbished Independence of the seas

In April she goes into dry dock and lots of new additions

a trampoline park
water slides
escape rooms
laser tag

Of course there will be so much more , I think they like to keep things under wraps to make the re-launch more exciting, she is such a popular ship and loved by many , I can only hope the entertainment has been changed, a big issue with some customers when they go back the following year and hear the same jokes , and see the same shows, this needs to be kept up to date and current as its all part of the experience.

One of the nice things for the 2019 promotion is they have concentrated on discounts instead of Add-ons, which I feel is great for the people who would not really do the drinks package any justice (not counting myself in that one !!) but i can totally understand it when one lady told me she “may” have a glass of wine at night if the mood take her , definitely will be a much happier cruiser. so the buy one get 60% off 2nd passenger , with on board credit is great !!! 3rd and fourth also discounted

The Explorer of the Seas , back after quite a few years I think , still a Voyager class (so same as Navigator) only two years older having been built in 2000. For the ardent Royal Caribbean fans its just nice to have a choice in 2019

we are also offering the £1 pp deposit, just to let you all know there are terms and conditions surrounding this, you have to pay the remainder of the balance by 25th April this year, just a little help to get over the Christmas budget, you dont have to pay just £1 you could do £50 pp and split the deposit over two payments , either way , even if you cancel , the full deposit remains payable by 25th April.



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