Granny duty!!

First time ever we took the boys out to The Black Country Museum in Dudley, not a bad drive for us around 40 minutes, Jayden was coming back to stay for the week so we decided to combine it with a picnic and a day out.

Not the cheapest exercise, we were three adults, 10/4-year-old and the best combination to get in for the day was £63 !! And yes this was just to get in, in fairness it must take lots of maintenance.

Remember doing this at the fair? Lots of old fashioned things to do, they even had an old red double-decker bus driving around.

We went to a small house that still had a furnace in and there was a young lady making nails, she explained to the boys they would both have been working back in the day, the eldest would have been pumping the bellows for the fire, from as young as 8 !! And even the smaller children were given jobs to do, everyone helped

They can even have a proper “school” lesson with chalk and boards, I think the faces say it all !!

I don’t get them very often, and I find it incredibly expensive to keep them entertained, I don’t have a  garden, and I live on a busy street, so they can hardly go out and about by themselves, and the little one is only 4 so it’s impossible.

One good thing about cruising, the kids are always entertained and kept busy 24/7 there is no reason or chance of them ever being bored !!

Thankfully the weather was kind to us that day, so it was a nice little day out, I would recommend it, especially if you have smaller children, maybe the teenagers would be a bit grumpy, but you do need the good weather.





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