Families get ready for 2019 ?

Its that time of year again , all the families now looking for the summer holidays and once again all getting disappointed with the availability and options open to them.

I have written about this so many times and maybe sounding like a broken record !!

The three BIG contenders leaving Southampton are Cunard , P&O , Princess , apart from the American Royal Caribbean ships to which this does not apply.

Dining: Trad: 1W2A Open A
Land Availability 0
Exclusive Occupancy Available
Upper Berths Available
Min Infant Age 6 Months
6 Months – 23 Months Available
24 Months – 35 Months Closed
3 Years – 4 Years Available
5 Years – 8 Years Closed
9 Years – 12 Years Closed
13 Years – 16 Years Available

This is a live shot as of today for the Ventura 12 nights on 05/08/2018 apart from the fact there are now only suites available that will sleep up to four guests look at the age groups , the headaches this can cause , if you have two children one is three and the other is nine , this is in fact the ages of my two grandchildren , you can take the one and not the other.

So looking on line and checking all the different dates , sailings and prices will be a complete and useless exercise without first checking the above, if the age group is closed , that is it.

So now you have to look at another cruise line completely, and many of the RCI ships do not have reduced rates for children , you will just pay 3rd and 4th person sharing , so they can be 3 or 23 and pay the same price !!

Next month sees the launch for 2019, Southampton sailings , I would strongly urge anyone with small children to book early and avoid the scenario of the above happening

We are taking pre registrations soon , and there are lots of early booking offers, some will have low deposits too !!

Don’t get caught out, book EARLY



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