Dublin get ready !!

Well its that time of year again and we are off to Dublin !! Last year (for anyone that reads my blog) we were in Butlins, in Skegness, so a bit of a change now.

Back on track with an annual 3 night cruise, it may seem a bit much for some people who go out for dinner or a show, remember we are 90% home workers and only see each other once a year at best, so its great to catch up with colleagues, managers, meet all the office staff who are only ever an email to us, makes us all feel a bigger part of the whole team that makes up cruise.co.uk

And this year proves to be even better as the wonderful Vicki (host and organiser of the whole event, she needs a medal) has arranged a private venue for us all to meet in Dublin, last time everyone went off in groups so it all got a bit disjointed, it will be great to all be in the same venue having a bit of the Irish Craic !!

And even more interesting we are off on the Marco Polo, possibly the smallest ship I have ever been on just under 20 000 tonnage, so very tiny, hope the Irish Sea is going to be kind, also a new port for me, Bristol, so lots of firsts.

A little article caught my eye, so maybe my fancy dress outfit should be a pirate!

Cannot seem to get the link to work, just google, Marco Polo Cocaine !! you will see

Wow who would have thought? drug dealers over 70!! Does one have to wonder if this was the first time? maybe that’s why they have been able to do so many cruises?

My next blog will hopefully have some pictures to amuse you of our conference starting on Sunday 16th until then wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, may it bring peace and happiness to you and your families.

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