Do you have your family summer holiday booked yet for 2019 ?

Here are my little munchkins again, a bit bigger now and I will need to update the photograph after babysitting this weekend, we are looking after them while the daughter goes off to Amsterdam with hubby for a little break, I may need one when they get back !!

I am using them in my example of why you need to book early on P&O / Princess & Cunard

This is what we see when we book

Dining: Trad: 1A2A Open A
Land Availability 0
Exclusive Occupancy Available
Upper Berths Available
Min Infant Age 6 Months
6 Months – 23 Months Available
24 Months – 35 Months Available
3 Years – 4 Years Closed
5 Years – 8 Years Available
9 Years – 12 Years Available
13 Years – 16 Years Closed

A prime example of why I could not book this cruise for my daughter and her family

My eldest grandson is 10 and the youngest will be 4 in May, as you can see the 3-4 group is CLOSED so he simply cannot go, you cannot “fudge” the age as it is all in the passports.

We are coming up to peaks now, it has been announced before that by end January the child capacity will be sold by 90% which makes booking families early essential

Not only does this apply to P&O, but it is also Princess/ Cunard as well, but the last obstacle you will need to overcome is also the cabin capacity, very often the 3/4 share berths will close down, this is a major problem with pricing, yes you can go into two cabins, but now you are paying four adult fares which very often outs the cost into many hundreds more, there is no exception to this rule as always the first two passengers in the cabin will pay the full fare. Sometimes they will also revert to guaranteed cabins, no good for a family as we have no way of assuring the cabins are even on the same deck !! The children won’t mind, not great for Mum and Dad !!

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