Disabled cabins on Cunard

Having had members of my family with mobility difficulties this is a subject close to my heart as I am sure it is with most caring individuals. Which is why I hope anyone reading this will be interested.

Queen Mary, one of Cunard’s beautiful ocean liners only has 30 disabled cabins from a total of 1310 !!

But my real issue is the use of collapsible scooters / wheelchairs. I have recently had an issue with this. You can take on board a folding wheelchair and Cunard have no problem with this, you do not have to have an adapted cabin, as long as the wheelchair will fit in the stateroom, it’s all OK.

You MAY NOT take a scooter which collapses, my question is why not ? The scooter in question weighs a mere 52 lbs and is compact, cost a lot of money and is smaller and less cumbersome than the wheelchair……….but alas, no, if you want to take the folding scooter you need to book a disabled cabin. My customer was horrified, purely because he felt he would be taking a cabin away from someone who really needed it, which I thought very gracious.

So now, he has to take his folding wheelchair and his little wife will have to push him. Come on Cunard, I can understand the policy, there has to be guidelines for everything, but when common sense does not prevail I do start to wonder.

Do you think this policy is reasonable ??

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