Conference 2018 Back on track

Well, it’s fair to say that conference 2017 was an eye-opener, probably one of the coldest winters I have experienced in a while and where do we end up? BUTLINS in Skegness, by the seaside, in December!

Now in advance, I will say we had a great laugh and the arrangements were as always a well oiled machine. But we have been spoilt as in all previous years it’s been a cruise of some description, the Queen Mary, Balmoral and the Fabulous Boudicca, known by this name simply by the captain welcoming us each morning!

Don’t know why everything changed last year, but I have never been so cold in my life, the apartments were a 20 minute walk from the conference centre, with no cover, generally speaking looking like a drowned rat most of the time.

So delighted with the news that this year is a cruise again, and even more delighted we will be visiting Dublin, we will be in port for the night so I hope temple bar is ready for us.

Never sailed with Cruise and Maritime before, so we will be setting off on 16 December for three nights on the Marco Polo, across the Irish sea we go from Bristol, another new experience. I had been telling a customer today and between the laughter coming from both of them, (I am assuming this is going to be a rough crossing!) they informed me that she used to be an Icebreaker? Could not find anything to confirm that, originally built in 1965 this has got to be the oldest vessel I have ever cruised on.

There are sure to be lots of pictures and stories for you all to read in my December blogs. Something different and always good to experience a ship first hand, this is knowledge that cannot be taught.

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