Conference 2017, BALTIC

Well slight improvement on the costume !! without seeing the whole effect it was basically just a 60’s look, cannot say I would be winning any prizes for the outfit , some were amazing , and so much thought put into them!! look at our Facebook page….

Its a small pet dislike of mine, fancy dress, I think you just have to go to the complete ridiculous for it to have any effect whatsoever, I went with comfort and warmth, old age ?

What a weekend, starting off with Redditch and meeting the coach, should have known then , as the snow had already started. We did eventually get to Butlins in Skegness around 1pm. To say it was cold would be putting it mildly, anyone who knows this park will understand, from our apartments to the main conference was a 20 minute walk, Baltic !!

That is the only gripe I had , our manager Vicki, as usual, pulled it out of the bag and provided us with some great venues for the daytime and evening, Karaoke every night, and an all inclusive bar, very happy days , not quite sure what I was drinking at this point, but it was very tasty !!

We had several cruise lines giving us all the updates and keeping us informed of whats to come in the cruise wave, that is now until end February , this is now some of the busiest booking months for cruise, some great promotions/offers and 2019 going on sale for some, today is Princess who have joined the club and now offering prices both with drinks and without , I think they have really scored with this one, they are the only people offering the choice at the time of booking, great idea !

2017 has been a tough year for lots of companies and with Monarch crashing, hurricanes and general weather disruption, its been a challenge.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, looking forward to more exiting times ahead for 2018

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