Come on P&O get this dining right !!

I am not known for really moaning about all the rules and regulations surrounding booking holidays , all cruise lines vary and sometimes its hard to keep up with all of the current promotions, who can get what free, where can you smoke, which ships have wet rooms ?

All needed information and very important would you not agree? so why would anyone think that families travelling together on a big family holiday , once a year,  would be happy not knowing  whether they will be eating together or not, or even allowed to ?

I had a lovely gentleman wanting to book three cabins, and of course get the saver fare,  as in the summer holidays this was a substantial amount of money to save, but no, I had to tell this poor man there is a a possibility that you may not all get the same dining slot, I felt awful. Needless to say he did not book!

How will it be decided ? is it a lottery ? random ? who knows, I  would really like them to reconsider this fare rule, the shuttles I can go with, even allocated cabins, but the dining ?



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