Christmas conference, what an experience

Well, off we went to Dublin on the Marco Polo, not sure what to expect as I have never been on a ship this small, 22000 tonnes, just a tad smaller than I am used to! Cabin size more than adequate, we were allocated an Ocean view, plenty of storage and the bathroom surprisingly roomy in relation to other small ships I have been on.

The ship is very dated, a bit like an old pair of slippers really, speaking to some of the passengers they love her after travelling for years, it all depends on what you are expecting from the ship, if you want water slides and ice skating rinks, look elsewhere, I did not even see a casino.

Who remembers these? see what I mean about dated?

Another positive note is all the action is on one deck (more or less), bars shops and theatre, which makes getting around much easier.

I don’t like to comment too much on food when on a mini cruise, cruise lines will most likely never say, but in my experience of doing both the food is never quite as good, the main dining room was fine, but the buffet was very limited.

Not that it mattered on the last night as we returned across the Irish sea in gale force winds, 70% of us in bed by 6 pm!! They must have saved a fortune on the bar bill as we all had the drinks package!!

Still, we have a decent crossing and even a fancy dress evening, customers were joining in too. We also had a night out in Dublin, which was a lovely treat and all felt very spoilt. As we only get to see each other once a year, it was a great catch up.

And if you cannot guess who this is, I give up!!

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