Celebrity Edge, what a beautiful ship

What a lovely two nights on board, arrival in Southampton went very smooth, if you are lucky enough to be going on to the Edge, upload your photo if you can, and download the app it saves you lots of time at the port, we did not and it just makes life that much easier, and everyone can take a selfie!!

How do you like the Jacuzzi above? they look like Martini glasses!! very big ones, they must hold about 20 people, and there are six dotted about, not all like this though, one is indoors.

There are two outdoor pools and one indoor, so plenty of places to go for a swim.

We had 2,000 people on board and I must say it did not feel like it, we did not port so everyone was out and about, full capacity is just over 3,000, even so, having been on many Solstice class ships I found the public bars and spaces much bigger, thought the Casino was slightly smaller but still big enough.

This is the martini bar on Edge, again a vast improvement as on Solstice ships this is a very popular meeting point, this is now much bigger with loads more seating areas, very comfortable, and of course, everyone wants a Martini, prices range from $15 up, I believe they are not included in the Classic package, so if you are a lover of Martini, look to upgrade to premium @ $10 per day plus tax ??

One of my favourite subjects, singles !!

There are 16 of these single balcony cabins on board, all on deck 6, very roomy, there is a slight obstruction as you can see, but nothing too drastic, usually on Celebrity a twin balcony for sole use will be double, I have checked these and around £ 1500 cheaper, still not half, but better?

So is she better than the other ships? get on board and check for yourself !!




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