Celebrity edge, two nights on board, whoop !

Well, my favourite cruise line has gone and let me have a sneak preview of the brand new Celebrity Edge on 13th May for 2 whole nights, so excited to see this new and innovative ship, it has been a while since Celebrity has added to the Fleet, in fact, the last one would have been Reflection in 2012, with everyone seeming to add another ship every year, this is very exciting for Celebrity lovers.

No going anywhere exciting, just Southampton and around the channel no doubt, she then goes from Southampton on 15/05/2019 for 10 nights across to Rome, wish I was on that one too!!

These short cruises seem crazy to the people who do cruise all of the time, but to us, they are golden opportunities and we are so lucky to get them.

She has the “magic” carpet on one side of the ship, completely unique, cannot wait to see how this works, I just hope she still has the famous Martini bar, where I will be able to enjoy one of the above tasty Black Forest Martinis, I have mine full throttle, hubby leaves the cream off, the most delicious thing ever………….

Most of the ships we see arrive, are just getting bigger and bigger, the Edge class is not much bigger than the Solstice ships, after November this year I will have been on all five, so I guess you could say I am a fan, all of my own cruise holidays have been mostly with Celebrity.

I don’t want to find out too much before, I like to take a good look around myself, but if you are booked on her in the next couple of months, feel free to send any questions to my Facebook account or email me @ teresae@cruise.co.uk, and I will do my best to answer any questions while on board.

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