Empty Nest …………….

Well the time has finally come, the last one is leaving for pastures new !! My wonderful son is off to Cape Town for a gap year and to spend some time with his father. Ticket finally booked 23rd October 2013.

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Christmas…….11 weeks and counting !!

No one likes to be reminded how close we are getting to the dreaded time of the year, and I say dreaded because I have done it all, staying up until well after midnight wrapping presents, putting the mince pies/sherry/reindeer fodder out with the appropriate bites missing. Then comes the day itself when we prepare mounds of food which takes hours, only to be demolished in 15 minutes followed by the Queens Speech, more Baileys than completely necessary and people nodding off on various sofa’s.

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When to book ? Always a good question……….

How many times as Consultants we get asked, when is the best time to book ? The answer………..quite honestly we don’t always know.

Are you particular about your cabin? is the Itinerary something special that maybe only happens once or twice a year? there are so many variables it is hard for us to make that choice. If you have set holidays and are travelling with children, please book early.

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Back from the ALgarve…..loving Jet2.com

Busy week, got back from holiday on Saturday morning last week and straight on to the phones Saturday Night !!

This was the first “low cost” airline I have flown with in a long time, many charters, and boy what a difference, if you ever get the opportunity to fly with them, go, the leg room was AMAZING, I thought on the way out was a one off, maybe it was just good luck, but no the return was fabulous too. I went to Egypt earlier this year and could not even fully open my OK holiday magazine, this time, no problem. The leg room was a good 33/34″ seat pitch, add to that the generous luggage allowance of 22kgs and we were two very happy campers.

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Coventry or the Algarve ?? What a question ?

Well off to Portugal tomorrow for a week, my only question is should I be leaving all of this beautiful weather behind.
Note to self , make sure next year you are leaving rain/snow/sleet so while I am sitting by the pool, Kindle in hand I can post photographs of
the lovely sunshine………….Have a wonderful week people, enjoy the sunshine while you still can !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Celebrate in Style

After many family meetings, dates thrown backwards and forwards my 50th birthday celebrations were decided !! All aboard P&O Oceana for a 2 night party cruise.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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