GOODBYE Independence for 2020

Well what a turn-up and shake up for Southampton this week, Royal Caribbean really throwing a spanner in the works for us in 2020

Now, all we have left is Anthem, and the talk is going all around the houses !! Is this a move by Royal Caribbean to fill the Anthem, knowing there are stacks of people that don’t like to fly.

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Celebrity edge, two nights on board, whoop !

Well, my favourite cruise line has gone and let me have a sneak preview of the brand new Celebrity Edge on 13th May for 2 whole nights, so excited to see this new and innovative ship, it has been a while since Celebrity has added to the Fleet, in fact, the last one would have been Reflection in 2012, with everyone seeming to add another ship every year, this is very exciting for Celebrity lovers.

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A day in the life….not on a cruise

Well, we both quit the partaking of the white sticks (smoking) on our return from Benidorm, did not bring back any duty-free, and both went cold turkey, no vapes, pills, patches. And I have to say it’s not been easy, it’s getting easier and I am sure after six months we will be fine, and saving a fortune !!

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Cabin sleeping arrangments, what is a pullman bed?

We often chat away to customers and without realising it describe the cabin as a 4 berth with Pullman beds, we know what that means, and people who have cruised before with families may also know, though sometimes not, as has come to our attention.

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Land holiday or Sea ?

You would think from this picture I am on a posh cruise ship, alas not peeps, good old Benidorm !!

We have recently returned after a weeks holiday with Jet2, flying out of Birmingham at stupid 715am in the morning, leaving our house @ 4 am and actually getting to the hotel in Spain @ 1 pm that’s 8 hours from start to finish, we were exhausted.

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Never mind Alexa, meet Zoe

Coming on board the new Bellissima from MSC is the voice-activated help desk which will be in every cabin, answering questions from port information, show times, dining requests!

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Drinks on board Has P&O got it right ?

The whole debate has started again with P&O finally bring out a drinks package, I get asked the question at least once every day, is it worth it?

This is such a personal choice as I often hear the comment, I don’t drink much, well if that’s the case, then no it obviously will not pay you.

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Was a Ban enough ?

Jumping off the side of a ship for a prank, really? You could not find anything else to do?

6 Outdoor pools
10 Whirlpools
Rock Climbing wall
Ice rink
Mini Golf
Sports Court
Jogging track

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Brexit, Can you still cruise?

We are being asked this question over and over, and as I have just said to a customer on the phone, If the Prime Minister does not know? How could I?

Did all of the low-cost carriers exist back then? Will they want millions of people to stop travelling to Europe? the truth is we don’t know, and until it happens we cannot say.

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Christmas conference, what an experience

Well, off we went to Dublin on the Marco Polo, not sure what to expect as I have never been on a ship this small, 22000 tonnes, just a tad smaller than I am used to! Cabin size more than adequate, we were allocated an Ocean view, plenty of storage and the bathroom surprisingly roomy in relation to other small ships I have been on.

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