Cabin sleeping arrangments, what is a pullman bed?

We often chat away to customers and without realising it describe the cabin as a 4 berth with Pullman beds, we know what that means, and people who have cruised before with families may also know, though sometimes not, as has come to our attention.

As you can see from the picture this is a 4 berth cabin, not really the best example as you would not have a cot in as well as have both beds down ?? this would never sleep five people.

I just wanted to show the “bunks” made up, the upper pullmans, as they are known, should not be used for children under 6. Also if you are using both upper bunks the lower twins cannot be made into a double, and from this you can see why, for health and safety if the lower twins were a double, someone could potentially fall off the upper bunk and on top of the person sleeping, seems a bit strange as if the person falling out would be in trouble too!!

Many people think they will be getting four “beds” as in all on the ground, not the case, you can get this if you book a much higher grade, for instance, a balcony with a sofa bed, the above situation is not always acceptable for say, four adults??

Another myth that there are weight restrictions, only for the ladders !!

There are no weight restrictions on the upper pullmans, however there is a weight restriction on the bunk ladder of 130 kg which is approximately 20 Stone.

The upper pullmans are “shock tested” to approximately 300 kg.

Any passenger can sleep in a upper pullman, please bear in mind the bed is elevated therefore a lower berth/cot may be suitable for children/babies.

You will be unable to have a queen bed configuration in the cabin if any of the upper pullmans are in us

Please ask when booking if its a multi-berth cabin, exactly what the sleeping arrangments are !!

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