Belfast are you ready ?

Although I have been to Ireland many times in my younger years , we were one of the families whose parents came over to England in the 1950’s for a better life , when there were better opportunities, and work was plentiful for anyone willing to work hard.

So I was delightful to meet some Irish friends on our last cruise with Celebrity in October 2017 , but from the North, Belfast to be exact. Having been raised in an Irish catholic household we have had no reason to visit the north, in fact as the years went on and the troubles increased nothing would have been further from my parents minds, all our relatives were in the south , so that where we went , every year !!

We had a great time on board , this was the first cruise for Rosie and Billy, so it was great to show them the ropes !! Pretty sure it wont be the last one either , maybe we can do another one in the future together.

This is in Mykonos , one of the Greek island stops, Billy stayed on board and we went off walking , in search of souvenirs, as you can see the weather was glorious , we were truly blessed for the whole cruise , only maybe one bad day , for October , very impressive.

I had mentioned that I had never been to northern Ireland and we were promptly offered for a weekend away, so here we are all ready to go , Easyjet flights tomorrow for a three night break , my first this year !!

It just show how cruising makes friends , we were lucky to have met up with this lovely couple , and we are both looking forward to seeing some of the sights , which I am sure will include a few drinks , or two !

Look for the next update with hopefully some great pics



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