Belfast a hidden gem

Well I put this picture on my work Face Book , and no one guessed where I was ?? did the big metal letters not give it away ?

You can see the huge building behind me , this is the Titanic museum , which of course everyone knows was built in the famous Belfast docks way back when , the building itself has been built to represent the height of the ship and is exactly the same height as the ill-fated vessel. We ran out of time while in Belfast to go around , you need a good 2-3 hours , after spending two hours on the touring bus , we had to head back to our friends as we had dinner reservations.

But a fascinating city and we highly recommend doing the tour bus, as its a very big city too ! the famous stormont parliament building which at present sits empty, only in Ireland, apparently they cannot agree on anything with the different parties , so they all left , and this was 16 months ago, you just have to laugh.

A little trivia fact , the roads that lead up to the building are in the shape of the union flag !! you may get that question one day in a quiz

A very sad part driving through was seeing this wall , this was supposed to divide the Catholics and protestants during the troubles , hard to believe the troubles went on for over 40 years, unbelievable that such a “war” could continue for so long , and the loss of lives of the innocent that were caught in the crossfire was horrific, an so unnecessary.

The people were lovely , our friends made us very welcome and we had a wonderful night our with a great meal and plentiful music in the local pub , all in all a great weekend in Belfast , and I even got something cruise related !!



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