Back from the ALgarve…..loving

Busy week, got back from holiday on Saturday morning last week and straight on to the phones Saturday Night !!

This was the first “low cost” airline I have flown with in a long time, many charters, and boy what a difference, if you ever get the opportunity to fly with them, go, the leg room was AMAZING, I thought on the way out was a one off, maybe it was just good luck, but no the return was fabulous too. I went to Egypt earlier this year and could not even fully open my OK holiday magazine, this time, no problem. The leg room was a good 33/34″ seat pitch, add to that the generous luggage allowance of 22kgs and we were two very happy campers.

Not a well known fact, they are doing a flight from East Midlands Airport this year to New York !! Worth checking out if you want to get there and sail back with all your luggage, always sail back , no baggage limit on the cruise, if you can carry it and get it in your cabin, you can bring it !!

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