A day in the life….not on a cruise

Well, we both quit the partaking of the white sticks (smoking) on our return from Benidorm, did not bring back any duty-free, and both went cold turkey, no vapes, pills, patches. And I have to say it’s not been easy, it’s getting easier and I am sure after six months we will be fine, and saving a fortune !!

So we decided a little treat was in order and went off to spend the day in resort World Birmingham, neither of us has been before, And then I thought it may be interesting to see how the day went in comparison to our normal day at sea:-

I will not count the getting there, as we would need to do this for a cruise anyway.

It was very busy, little did we know Disney on Ice was showing, so lots of children, luckily they were in a different area.

We stopped and had a little flutter in the Casino, with a breakfast snack and a few drinks £ 35 I got lucky on the slot machines, so going shopping later.

Now time for lunch as we had both been up early and ready for some grub £ 55.77 plus tip

Nothing too heavy, as now it was retail therapy time!! and there are some really nice shops here, Levi jeans for half the price of Coventry

Movie tickets purchased £ 23.50 and now for some movie snacks @ £ 20.50

We then watched the movie (Fishermans Friends) very nice feel-good movie, based on a true story, funny and entertaining.

Well I think you can see where this is heading, I have already spent £ 139 on our little day out, we have yet to have supper, or drinks, watch an evening show/quiz/entertainment

For this, you can add at least another £100 and we are not even staying the night!!

I think I know where I would rather be !! We had a lovely day, it was a treat, but it just goes to show how much you can spend when you are not on a cruise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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