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Did you manage to get a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse? Here is footage of the Solar Eclipse from the Marco Polo in the Faroe Islands, just breath-taking, wish I had been there! Were you?



Win a Free Cruise For Life!! Yes you heard it here first – Click on the picture above to get all the details and enter this fantastic competition. You do need to click on the ‘Take the Marketing Challenge’ to enter and hopefully win.


I can’t quite believe this! This was filmed on a Carnival ship whilst it was sailing in to port in the Caribbean. Although saying that maybe he had just had enough of the waiting time to get through the American Customs! Im sure we have all thought about it when cruising in America, he certainly would have got the best spot on the beach!


Scared you’ll get sea sick, well this is one cruise ship I can guarantee you won’t!







Fancy spending a night here?


Think you know your Cruise Ships? Test your knowledge here!

I thought I would set you all a challenge to see quite how good your cruise knowledge is. Below are 6 different sets of pictures that have come from different ships. See if you can guess which cruise line and even better the actual cruise ship. Who can get all 6, but I will give you a clue to number 5 she is not quite out yet.

Put your answers on Facebook or comment below in the comment box.

Good Luck!

Number One – Who is this cheeky chappy and where is he found?


Number Two – Sailing the Seven Seas is tough work but which cruise ship am I captain off?


Number three – Life’s a Ball, come and join me on ….


Number Four – The years have been tough on me but at least I have the views up here!


Number 5 – It had better be going to colder climbs – although I hear Southampton is cold this time year.


Number 6 – We cannot stand gardening so we just stay put and look pretty.



How did you do?

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