Secret Rooms! Stay in a New Edge Infinite Balcony Room on the Celebrity Constellation!

Back a while ago I mentioned about some special cabins on the Queen Victoria which had the benefit of a double sized balcony, doing what we do means that we spend lots of time looking for the best rooms for you, but we happen to stumble across rooms that have hidden benefits, ones that the cruise lines don’t advertise as standard.

Many of us are awaiting the arrival of one of the most anticipated ships to hit the market later this year which has a brand new design of Balcony – the ‘Edge Infinite Balcony’. The design for this room is to include the balcony space as part of the room, you still have door that you can slide across to separate the Balcony from the room but they can be left folded back. The front of the balcony is divided in to two pieces, so you can close the balcony fully – so you have a floor to ceiling glass view, or at the touch of a button the top half comes down to open the balcony up.

This means you can make the most of the balcony and those spectacular views any time of the day.

Now these rooms are exclusive to the Celebrity Edge or are they!

Many may remember that the Celebrity Constellation went in for a refit not to long ago and during that refit Celebrity wanted to merge the Millennium Class and and Solstice Class together so you have a smaller ship but with the modernization that you find on the larger class and Celebrity Edge has left her mark!

Concierge Room – C3 – 7197 is very much one of kind as she is the only room on board to feature it but has a Infinite Balcony! This means that we may see these balconies rolled out across the fleet which would be amazing as the concept is great.

So if you are booked on board in a C3 balcony might be worth seeing if you can swap to this.

Here Is a link to a Video on Youtube from Celebrity which shows the design of the rooms on Edge – the interior may be difference on Constellation but the concept is the same

Let me know if perhaps you have stayed or are staying in this room.



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