Scarlet’s Got A New Sister!

Virgin Voyages are the latest to jump on the bandwagon and take a cut of the cruising industry ​with the Scarlet Lady set to sail in Early 2020 and she is set to visit the UK at the Ports of Dover and Liverpool, which is so strange that she will not come in to Southampton.

​Virgin Voyages set to break tradition and offers guests something really unique so perhaps they are trying to break the mould and visit the lesser visited ports in the UK?

Virgin have recently announced the details for Scarlet Lady’s sister which will be called Valiant Lady was has been inspired by the latin ​word Valere and the French word vallant which means Bold, Courageous and Strong.

​Valiant Lady is intended to embody the idea that women can Captain and lead the way in the Maritime Industry and this is seem in the appointment of the Captain of the Scarlet Lady which is female, and also more notable in the Cruise Industry with Celebrity Cruises with the Captain Kate McCue.

Celebrity will also face to face Virgin early next year with the Celebrity Apex Launching from Southampton.

Exciting times ahead for the Luxury Market!​

Are you going on Virgin Voyages?

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