Princess to take over Europe in 2019!

Princess Cruises are set to fall upon the UK Market in 2019 with a record breaking year as they base, not one, not two but three ships in Southampton and that accounts to more than 1 million sailing nights from Southampton and Dover. They will base the Crown Princess and surprisingly enough the Sapphire Princess as we had been lead to believe 2018 would be the only year she’d sail from the UK – Well it isn’t and she will be back from the Far East for 2019 and they will also have the Pacific Princess too.

Crown Princess has always been a popular option, as a sister to the Ventura and the Azura but with the American Twist, Sapphire Princess is also very similar so maybe now is the time to try them if you have ban a fan of P&O.

Princess have also said that they will base three other ships in Europe with Regal Princess and the Emerald Princess for those that rather fly to the Sun. More excitingly they have said that the new Sky Princess will be based in Europe so that will put two Royal Class Ships – I am not to sure if that is the best move as they are both on the larger end and some prefer smaller ships more itinerary driven.

For all our Friends in Ireland, Crown Princess will offer the chance to sail from Home as she will have 11 sailings from Dublin to Dublin sailing around the British Isles.

They will also have a new 12 night in ‘Search of the Northern Lights’ cruise from Southampton which will call at Stavanger and Tromso and spend overnight in Alta which is up in the high Artic.

They have also said they will do a Canada and New England cruise, in total of 24 nights, which will allow guests to sailing Southampton roundtrip something that hasn’t been an option before, the longest from Southampton in the past has been more around the 17-night durations.

For those that want something a little more scenic, Pacific Princess will be doing a 18 night Greenland and Iceland Cruise, and I personally really like this as the ship is so personal and will offer its 627 guests on board some stunning views as it visits Nanortalik, Reykjavik and Akureyri plus over exciting ports of call. This is from Dover so great connections from London too making it easier for those overseas and up county to join this sailing.

“Europe remains our most popular holiday destination for the U.K. so we’re pleased to confirm that in 2019 our guests will have more choice than ever,” said Tony Roberts, vice president Princess Cruises UK and Europe.

Will you be sailing with Princess in 2018 or 2019?

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