Oceania to have the perfect ship! $100 Million to be spent on Oceania Next!

Oceania have just announced part of the ‘Oceania Next’ program. We had an idea that something was coming as they announced on Friday that they had an announcement.

They are a relatively new cruise line being founded just in 2002. They have grown significantly since with 4 smaller and 2 larger ships. The 4 smaller ships in the fleet are part the of the old R Class, ships built for Renaissance Cruises which went bust soon after, there are 7 sisters, 4 belong to Oceania, 3 now to Azamara and one to Princess sailing under the name of the Pacific Princess. I had a feeling it might have been that Oceania had brought the Pacific Princess. Oceania Sirena which is the last new ship to the fleet had been the Ocean Princess so a deal for the Pacific Princess could have been on the card.

But we now know that according to Oceania passengers and feedback, they feel that Oceania already have the perfect ships, so Oceania have decided that they will undergo a major transformation on the R Class Ships to make them better than brand new

The bigger ships in the fleet, the Marina and the Riviera have been purposely built for Oceania so they tend to get the better reviews on the Quality of the ship, but the R Class being so much smaller has the better itineraries although none of the ships in the Oceania Fleet are bigger than 80,000 gross tons.

The Regatta Class is made up of the Oceania Nautica, Oceania Sirena, Oceania Insignia and the Oceania Regatta.

So what are they doing!? Basically, they are pulling the ships apart and replacing everything. All of the staterooms and suites will be redesigned, and new Marble Bathrooms added, the Public Areas will be transformed and the dining venues given a new lease of lift.

The 4 ships with have combined over $100 Million spent on them, so $25 Million per ship, now that may not sound like much, but bear in mind these are 30,000 gross ton ships, for the Queen Mary 2 in her last major refit they spent $90 Million and she is 150,000 Gross tons.

Insignia will be the first ship and return to fleet on the 7th December, the Sirena will be next and her first sailing is in May 2019, followed by Regatta in September 2019 and Nautica in June 2020.

They have said that they are moving the ships on from being like a ‘twee English Hotel’ to a Country Club Style, although I would not say I found Oceania to be to the style of an English Hotel but each to their own I suppose.

Oceania Fan’s may be disappointed to hear that Oceania have no plans in the future to build a new ship, but they will have more Oceania Next announcements soon.

I do find it refreshing however that Oceania are spending the money on the older ships, when cruise lines such as P&O are getting rid, within the same year we see the Adonia which is now with Azamara – that is one of the old R Class ships and Oriana leave the fleet in moves with P&O building the new mega ship IONA!




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