Introducing the ‘Scenic Eclipse’

The Other day I was looking around at what was new and different on the market, its constantly changing and growing yearly for the cruise industry, what with Mighty Ships on Quest, Jane Macdonald and of course, ‘The Cruise’ with Princess Cruises, more and more people are trying Cruising.

It got me thinking, as someone who has cruised before I want to start looking for something different and boy did I find it – two words – SCENIC ECLIPSE!

Debuting in August this year, Scenic Eclipse is the world’s first Discovery Yacht, a stunning vessel based on the design of a Mega Yacht with a sleek and innovative design.

Scenic has been crossing the globe for over 30 years be it by land or water and have become one of the most trusted and successful travel companies and Scenic Eclipse is no exception.

3 Years in the making she is certainly something to be seen. She will state of the art and have a re-enforced double hull, in fact, she is the Highest level of Ice Class Ships with a 1ASuper rating.

Scenic has said that Scenic Eclipse is the point on the Map where Luxury meets Discovery and it really is.

Safety is also of the highest concern, she has two engine rooms in different fire zones and she will be able to sail at full speed with just one engine running, back up wheelhouse and electric generators, even the food storage and food preparation areas are on different ends of the ship. They have duplicated all the ships critical systems.

She also has custom built stabilizers, 50% larger than normal on ships of this size, that will smooth even the biggest of swells and these also work when the ship is on anchor or on low speed – passenger comfort is of the highest importance.

Scenic Eclipse is all about taking you to the parts of the world that is normally not possible, she is also equipped with Dynamic Positioning which stops the ship from moving without the need of an Anchor, this means that she can go places that anchor aren’t allowed as they damage the seabed.

These points are amongst many of the features that she will have to help.

Scenic Eclipse will also have the option to take passengers to places that few will have ever experienced, she is fitted with 2 Helicopters, and area of Zodiac and a 7-seat submarine which will take you beneath the waves to famous ship wreaks and to see the amazing wildlife in their natural habitat.

The ship is fitted out to the highest levels of luxury, compared to those of the top hotels in the world, 6 dining venues on board to choose from across a range of tastes on seasonal menus, 4 separate lounges and a 240-seat theatre and 3 bars and of course, a beautiful spa to relax. She also has a heated pool with retractable roof, plunge pools and Jacuzzi’s and In case you are wanting to use it, she will also have a gym and yoga studio – really, she has it all.

With 10 days and just over 168 Meters long – this really is the pinnacle of luxury cruising in the 21st Century, and I cannot wait to hear more in the forthcoming months.



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