CMV to get a new ship by 2020?!

Cruise and Maritime are probably one of the lesser known cruise lines. When you look for a cruise, they don’t always tend to be the first place you look but perhaps you could be missing out.

Speaking to one of my regulars yesterday – she said to me, ‘When are Fred’s returning to Belfast?’. Quick answer to that is that who knows but looking online the only cruise line to currently have Belfast is CMW so if you are looking for something a little more regional you could be missing out.

Fred Olsen have always been known for doing more regional ports, but for some reason most associate Cruise and Maritime with Tilbury. Living on the South Coast – I will be the first to say ports such as Tilbury and Harwich are not always the most accessible and having Southampton on my doorstep for me is very handy but sometimes it is worth travelling a little more and trying something new.

If someone asked me what CMV are like – It is an easy one. If you want something that offers a bit of P&O and a little bit of Fred Olsen then CMV are great – catered for the Young Adult market, rather than Fred’s which aim for the older generation.

Cruise and Maritime currently have 6 ships – One is one of the oldest cruise ships afloat – the Astoria – built in 1946 she is full of character and charm; they certainly do not make them like this anymore. The Marco Polo, also a firm favourite – dating back to 1965 and once upon time she used to be a Russian Cruise ship. You then have the Astor, built in 1987, the Magellan one of the new flagships in the CMV Fleet which they are very proud of, Magellan is much bigger and offer more facilities on board – she joined the fleet in 2015 and previously been known under Iberostar and Carnival. My Favourite of the fleet is the Columbus – Built in 1989 but most will know her for two difference names, 1 – the Old Arcadia and 2 – Ocean Village. I did her under the Ocean Village brand and she is a wonderful little ship.

Finally, and new to the flee tis the Vasco Da Gama – Joining the fleet in April and visiting the UK just a couple of days ago from P&O Australia but previous under the Holland America banner. She will be Catering to the European Market.

Cruise and Maritime can be joined from the Following Ports in the UK and Ireland

Aberdeen, Bristol Avonmouth & Portbury, Dundee, Greenock, Hull, Liverpool, London Tilbury, Newcastle, Poole, Portsmouth, Rosyth – a massive 12 ports of departure but of course not all at the same time.

Whilst the Vasa Da Gama has been in the UK a Gala Event – CMV CEO and Chairman has said,

“I know this might seem like we are teasing you with [Vasco da Gama] leaving for Germany tomorrow, but we will have [a new ship] for the UK very soon, possibly by 2020.”

More details will follow in the coming weeks and months, as if it is going to be 2020 they need to get a push on but I am so excited to see what and who we could see back – I was so disappointed when Ocean Village left but being able to go on the Columbus brings back so many memories, or Perhaps we could see the Marella Celebration or Dream coming across as Marella has already said they will leave the fleet in the next few years!



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