Another new ship for P&O Cruises!

P&O Cruises have today sealed the deal and announced it had signed a contract with Meyer Werft for a second-generation cruise ship. It is scheduled to be delivered to P&O Cruises in 2022.

The Cruising industry is growing month by month and this latest addition makes the 95th ship on order in the global order book for ships to be build and delivered between now (2018) and 2026. 95 Ships – hard to believe isn’t it!

She is set to be a similar size to the vessel due to launch in 2020 and details are really yet to be released on that one so I don’t expect we will here much on this for a good time being but isn’t it exciting to know that we have yet another new ship and for a British Brand.

She will be LNG Powered and carry around 5,200 guests. It does make me wonder when I am looking at deals for P&O sometimes they seem to be struggling to fill the current ships, which at the moment is around 18,000 berths, these two ships alone at 10,400 passengers, but I suppose as they say the truth will be in the pudding.

P&O have said the first of these two new ships will go on sale in September so around 8 more months to wait, but they will be announcing key elements of the design and builds of these new mega ships.

Carnival UK president Josh Weinstein said: “We are seeing the momentum in awareness of cruising both across the media and in our national psyche as ever-increasing numbers of people see first-hand the value for money, unrivalled service and extraordinary onboard experience. These two next-generation ships for delivery in the next four years are real and tangible evidence of our absolute optimism for future growth.”

Added P&O Cruises senior vice president Paul Ludlow: “We have a bold and ambitious vision for P&O Cruises to become Britain’s number one holiday choice and we can only do that by increasing our fleet. The build for our 2020 ship begins this spring and it will offer all generations of British guests the holiday of a lifetime on the next generation of P&O Cruises ships.

“In four years’ time when her sister ship is launched, adding an additional 22 percent capacity, we will see an even greater rise in the popularity of cruising across all demographics and all age ranges including both Millennials and Generation Xers. Many of them have already learned to appreciate cruising by going on cruises with their families while growing up. Additionally, there are millions more we will attract in the future by retaining the amazing onboard and on-shore experiences and itinerary choices P&O Cruises is known for, while reflecting forward-thinking trends and tastes of British holidaymakers.

“This evolution of the guest experience will be evident over the next few years but will be underpinned throughout with in-depth market insight and feedback we receive from the best source: our current, past and prospective guests.


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