Woah, we’re half way there….

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is going (although when I was stuck in the nausea stage it was dragging).


We’ve just had our 20 week scan and baby gave us the right runaround!  The sonographer managed to get most of the measurements ok but couldn’t check the baby’s heart properly due to the position the baby was lying in.  She asked me to turn on my side, then my belly and jiggle about a bit then tried again. Baby still hadn’t moved.

She then told us to go for a walk, get something sweet to eat (they sell cakes in the Costa on site – you don’t have to tell me twice!) and come back in about 20 mins after walking up and down some stairs.


Off we went and came back 20 mins later. Luckily baby had indeed moved and she was able to check everything she needed to. Everything looks perfect and we didn’t cave in and ask the sex so we have a surprise!

So exciting!


Any gender guesses for fun are more than welcome! So far, 90% of the guesses have been ‘girl’ so will be interesting to see what we get (although a girl would do wonders for my OCD as that’d make two of each! We’ll be happy with a healthy baby though 🙂


I am planning on working as long as I can during this pregnancy so you still have a few months to get your bookings in before I leave for a few months again.

With 2020-2021 on sale now and those amazing early booking offers, now is the best time to book – the further in advance you book, the better deal you get!





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