Here we go again!

So, I have been feeling awfully guilty about something.

I’ve not long been back from maternity leave (September) and it’s been amazing getting back in touch with all my wonderful customers, most of whom have become friends!  I love you all.

And then this happened!


We said we would have one more (ONE MORE AND THAT IS IT!!!) and now that I’m already classed as ‘high risk’ being over 35, we wanted to make sure this was done before I get classed as ‘what the hell are you thinking?’  Especially as I have my babies at home and the older you get, the more you have to fight for a home birth. So we did it! And it’s definitely the last one.


But I still feel this immense guilt – like I’m letting all my customers down by coming back then going again. This baby is due in August and I’m planning on working as long as I can until then 🙂


And then I will be back again – for good!


Now that the nausea of the first trimester seems to have passed (almost!) I’m starting to feel a bit more human again. Although the smell of coffee still makes me heave and some foods are just bleugh but I’m sure that’ll return to normal when the baby is born (I hope so as far as coffee goes anyway as I’ll need it!)


So here we are – baby number 4 (the last one!) is on the way, coming at the end of this summer. We’re not going to find out whether it’s a boy or girl this time and have a surprise (although I’m convinced it’s a girl which will do wonders for my OCD as that’ll make 2 of each!) but as long as it’s healthy, that’s the main thing. Plus, I have a pre-teen daughter at the moment and I swear she’s already actually a teenager!!


So, place your bets now. Boy or girl?




p.s. It’s the last one!




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