Shore Excursions

Every cruise line is offering a wide range of shore excursions and it’s another source of making money for the cruise lines. As you may be aware those excursions can be very expensive, usually between £50 – £100 per person, and sometimes all you get for it is simply the transport there and back, with no entrance fees included or anything else. So what’s the alternative? You can go on shore and find a taxi or a bus and do a bit of DIY and most times you can do it at a fraction of the price they quoting, however, the down side is that it may not be convenient as the cruise line own excursion, you may not see the main sights that are offered by them, and the main point is that you are responsible to get back to the ship on time, so if anything went wrong, like traffic jams and you didn’t get back in time, the ship will sail without you, where if you booked the cruise line own excursion the ship will wait. Also excursions in certain places such as St Petersburg will include the group visa’s which are arranged by the cruise line and included in the price where if you wanted to do your own stuff then you have to obtain a visa seperately which can be a pain. In some places like Alaska or Norway if you don’t pre book something then you may find yourself outside the ship with nothing to do as all trips are full.

There are other options you can do is book organised excursions at much reduced prices and still get full value as it’s done usually through the same organisations that the cruise line uses, but a lot cheaper!  You can book it directly on our website using this link

You can search by port or by cruise or simply by date and save yourself a lot of money.

Happy cruising!

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