Dumfries is on the move!

Now it’s not any great secret that nothing much happens in Dumfries but the past few weeks it has been a hub of excitement.  We woke up one day to find that lots of mysterious little boxes had appeared – around 30 of them spread over the town.  Millie came home the next day to tell me that Dumfries had been chosen to take part in what is called ‘Beat The Street’.  Beat the Street is a fun, free game for the community of Dumfries to see how far we can walk, cycle and run around our area and around the world.  We were told that we had to walk and cycle for 6 weeks to win prizes for ourselves and our team.  Millie was excited to tell me that every journey we make adds to our total, our schools total and also the total for the whole community!

The boxes are called beat boxes and all children were given fobs and also cards to be able to scan the boxes.  We were given two but you can actually have one for each family member so Kevin picked one up too.  You can only use one per person though  and some people have been cheating by scanning more than one card each time.  Each beat box is worth 10 points and you only get the points if you follow the box with another one – so you can’t just stand at one box repeatedly beeping!  We quickly worked out that a double loop around our area was worth 160 points – 480 for the three of us – so have been doing this a few times a week.  It is a great idea as all of the schools are very competitive and want to win the main prize of £900.

Since the challenge began – the children and parents of Dumfries have walked a massive 151,000 miles!  What a great achievement as it is getting everyone out and being healthy.  It has also got people in the community talking who may never have talked before.  At present we are very happy with the schools position and we only have one more week of walking.  Can you guess what we will be doing all weekend???  Here is a picture of Millie in our first week and one of her early beat boxes.  I hope her school win – we have certainly been trying our best!

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