22 sleeps…

Sorry I am going to become ‘that’ person who feels the need to countdown to her holiday every day.  In fact I take back my apology as I do love a countdown.  We have just three weeks (and one night) until we head off on our amazing Caribbean cruise.  The weather has been very cold in Scotland the past few days so we are well in need of some sunshine!!!  Over the past week we have been going through our check list of things to do and we are done I think…

Cruise Personaliser – DONE

We have this all completed and have printed off our set sail passes.  We also downloaded our Guest Ticket booklet which shows all of our flight details and has the luggage labels in it.  We have booked tours, drinks packages, spa treatments, dining and shows!  We are really spoiling ourselves this time!

Airline Personaliser – DONE

We are flying to and from Orlando with Virgin.  As we are flying as a family I was very keen to make sure we were sat together.  We are travelling out in Economy and managed to grab some extra leg room seats for £30 per person – which is great considering their standard seats were working out at £20 a head anyway!  We are flying home in Premium Economy and we have booked three seats in ‘the bubble’.  I didn’t even know Virgin had a bubble until I looked at the seat plan but reading some reviews it looks to be good!  As long as we have three seats and can have a snooze we weren’t really fussed but they do look like fab seats.  We didn’t have to pay to book the seats home.

Visas – DONE

As we are travelling to the States we needed to organise ESTA’s.  Now I have one in place as I was in New York earlier this year so I just needed to update mine which is fine.  Kevin and Millie are USA virgins so we had to fill in the forms with eight million questions but we got there in the end!  We are all Approved which is good!

Birth Certificate – DONE

Now this isn’t something that would concern everyone but it’s an important thing to highlight.  My daughter and I have different passport surnames so I suppose to passport control this could look a bit suspicious.  This is why I ALWAYS take her original birth certificate with me.  I have only been asked once when we cruised but will always travel with it just in case.  Some cruise lines can actually turn people away if they don’t have appropriate documents so if you are unsure please ask your cruise agent!

Travel Insurance – DONE

I would NEVER travel without insurance, it just isn’t worth it.  I always go for a higher level of cover too to make sure cancellation is all covered as well as anything that could happen when we are overseas.  We do always advise customers to get travel insurance as soon as they are booked as you never know when things could change.  We have an annual worldwide cover which also covers the USA – some don’t cover the US so it is always best to check!!!

I think all we have left to sort now is dollars – can you think of anything else???

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