Temptations At Sea

Hi everyone.  Another two weeks have passed and I am working a full month this month after having a lot of May and June off for holidays and a work trip.

After my last two cruises I thought it would be a good idea to write about temptations you face when on a cruise.  After all, there are a lot of them!

Firstly I want to discuss smoking on board.  This of course can be a sensitive subject.  There are a lot of people who do smoke and a lot of people who are opposed to smoking.

I myself gave up cigarettes and started vaping in January.  Unfortunately on my last cruise I fell off the wagon and was smoking on board!

On board there are designated smoking areas.  You are not allowed to smoke anywhere apart from these designated areas.  My reason for falling off the wagon was I was relaxed on board and having drinks so it was too easy for me to sit near a bar and have a drink and a cigarette.

On the cruise before this I did manage to stick to vaping because I was with my partner who hates smoking.  How many of you vape?  I coped very well with this and again you can only vape in the designated smoking areas on the ship.  I cannot say I was not tempted being surrounded by other smokers in a small space!

Moving on to the second temptation which is alcohol.  Picture yourself relaxing at sea with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand which is a common image used for advertising cruises.

I do not drink much at home because my partner is teetotal so I do not like to drink on my own.  However on a cruise I do like to sample all the cocktails on offer and do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner then maybe another cocktail or a Baileys after dinner!

This is very easy to do because the temptation is all around you.  Also so many cruise lines offer drinks packages so you can pretty much drink as much as you want.  Do you take out a drinks package with a cruise?

I would love to hear you comments on these temptations and also any more you can think of whilst on a cruise.  Please leave your comments below.

Until next time….Happy Cruising!


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