Marella Explorer Exceeded My Expectations!

I was lucky enough to be selected to go on a ship visit on the Marella Explorer on the 18th September whilst she was docked in Southampton.  I have been selling Marella Cruises for many years now but never been on board one before and to be honest I did not know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised.

We started off by having a cup of coffee at the Coffee Port then we embarked on the tour of the ship. One thing that I thought was really clever were the carpets.  On a big ship sometimes it is difficult to tell where you are but not on Marella Explorer!  The front of the ship has blue carpets, the middle of the ship has red carpets and the aft of the ship has green carpets.


There were plenty of entertainment areas from Indigo which has a large dance floor and you can have dancing lessons and a lovely seating area to a casino which I would describe as a casino with a view!

I can honestly say the Spa on board is one of the best I have ever seen.  There are plenty of treatment rooms with lots to offer and the Sauna is the biggest one I have seen at sea.  This photo is only a small part of it!

The dining on board Marella is all freedom dining which is always my preference.  You can dine in Latitude 56 or Vista which is a small Italian restaurant.  We had a quick bite to eat in the Market Place Buffet Restaurant and there was plenty of choice so no one needs to go hungry.  You do of course have the Speciality Restaurants Surf & Turf and a Sushi Restaurant.

We also were able to have a quick look at the cabins.  The cabins were spacious and I would definitely recommend booking a large balcony cabin and using the hammock on the balcony!  The Suite we were shown was amazing and the balcony was huge plus you have a large walk in wardrobe!


I can honestly say I would recommend the Marella Explorer to anyone because there really is something for everyone on board.

If you have any questions about this ship or would like to check price and availability contact me on 0333 300 2825 or

Until Next Time…..Happy Cruising!

4 Comments on “Marella Explorer Exceeded My Expectations!

  1. Don’t book a delux balcony cabin on deck 6 at the back of the ship Discovery 2. The soot, debris coming out of the funnels lands on this deck and covers your balcony, rails furniture every day and you if you’re out there. This makes your balcony unusable for going out in the morning to look at the view, after sail off each evening and sunbathing as the floor table chairs and loungers on your balcony are covered in soot. Despite repeated requests for the balcony and furniture to be cleaned it was rarely done on our 2 week cruise. Also in a deluxe balcony cabin the only toiletries you will get is a bar of soap and a dispenser in the curtained shower that contains a combined shower gel/shampoo. Far too many corners cut I’m afraid.

  2. Can you please supply prices for August 2020 all inclusive premier plus outside cabin 7 nights Italy Pompeii etc thank you we were on celebration last August fantastic service excellent food and friendly staff

  3. We sailed on the Marella Explorer around the Caribbean in March 2019 and agree the ship was, overall, the best Marella ship we have cruised on. However, the amazing sauna you mentioned turned out to be very disappointing as they charge £15 per visit whereas all other ships have free use of sauna’s. On all cruises I normally spend an hour in the gym at about 5pm (still free on the Explorer) and then 15 minutes in the sauna to set me up for the evening’s eating & drinking.
    The £15 Explorer charge allows unlimiited use of the sauna’s ALL DAY but even though I only wanted to spend 15 minutes there they still said I had to pay £15! As we were in the Caribbean I just sat in the sun on the deck instead

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