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Two More Sleeps…..

So, it’s Monday morning and I have two more sleeps to go until I will be on board the brand spanking new P&O Britannia! EEEEK!!!!

She has been all over the news and social media in recent weeks, especially since it was announced that the Queen will be officially naming her! (Well done P&O!)

The President Of The Republic Of South Africa Makes A State Visit To The UK

We have staff on her at the moment and they are having a fabulous time mingling with the celebrity chefs on board… Not jealous much!

Food Heroes


Britannia is now Britain’s biggest cruise ship and has some fascinating facts which I am going to reveal to you!

Acrylic Shards  

The centrepiece of the  atrium is the Starburst sculpture; designed by Buckinghamshire Palace based Jona Hoad Design consists of 280 shards and weighs over one tonne. It is 8 metres in length and draws inspiration from the stars which was a traditional navigation method used by sailors. I love the thought that went into this piece….


Union Jack

The huge union jack on Britannia is 308 feet long, is actually the longest version of our flag anywhere in the world! It took four hundred and twenty litres of paint – Impressive – You have got to love our flag!


Bugatti Veyron? Or 84?!  

It would take eighty-four Bugatti Veyron’s to generate the amount of power Britannia does when her engines are at full capacity – I will happily drive just one to test it!



Britannia has over 4,000km of cabling – the distance from London to Morocco….and then back again!


It takes 61,600 gallons of water to fill the four pools she has on board. Glug glug glug….



If you read my blog, you will know that one of my favourite places on a ship is the art gallery. On board Britannia, there is over 8,000 pieces around the ship worth over one million pounds! You know where to find me….

P&O Cruises Britannia Artist.

Look out for my next blog where I will share my own pictures, experience and thoughts!

Sarah xxx


 Sarah    March 9th, 2015     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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