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Love To Fly Again…

Flying can be a stressful, lengthy process which gives me anxiety; not because I don’t like flying, but I just hate the hassle that comes with it! I just want to get to the airport, get on the plane and start my holiday! But, the massive crowds, expensive prices for food and the hanging around sometimes make me wonder why I do it! Someone REALLY needs to find a way to teleport me to my chosen places and soon please!!


A lot of flights coming back from long-haul destinations to UK are late evening flights, so if you are coming off a cruise and don’t have a post-stay, you have all day to wait with your entire luggage to drag around. That sounds like a nightmare!

I really don’t understand why there are not more airports like Changi Airport in Singapore. This airport is as good as an airport could be in my opinion! The facilities are amazing and you could spend a whole day there and not get bored, it’s almost a tourist attraction in itself and has enough going on to keep everyone from the kids to grandma entertained.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3


This fantastic airport has everything; A swimming pool, butterfly gardens, an enchanted garden, sunflower gardens, kids playgrounds (including a canopy one – do you really need to be a kid to do this because I sure want to!), cinemas, a 12 meter slide (which is the world’s tallest slide in an airport), orchid gardens, galleries, full entertainment deck which includes Xbox360, Xbox Kinect and Playstation’s, nature trails as well as showers, fitness and spa services. Of course there are the normal airport shops and eating outlets but this airport seriously has the wow factor compared to others.

Another fantastic tip which I think everyone should know is if you are transiting and have at least 5 hours spare before your ongoing flight, the airport will offer two free tours! That’s right – FREE!!! The first is a city tour which lasts about 2 hours and the second is a heritage tour which includes the Singapore Flyer (similar to the London Eye), gardens by the bay, Merlion Park and its famous mythical statue, the colonial district, Chinatown, Little India as well as the theatres on the Bay.


Singapore Skyline

Singapore city skyline

I think from now on I will just go to Singapore until other airports follow fashion!

Until next week,

Sarah xxx

 Sarah    February 16th, 2015     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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