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Lifeguard Not On Duty….

So, I have blogged about this subject before, but the issue seems to be coming up again and again…..

It comes with the sad news that a young boy is in critical condition after being ‘swept away’ by the wave pool on board Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. He was under water for approximately 6 minutes before he was seen by another passenger.


Apparently the youngster had wandered away from his mother whilst on deck 15 which is a pool deck. He was treated at first by the ships medical team; however he needed treatment that was not available on the ship. The cruise was only an hour or so from Port Everglades so were instructed to head back to port where medical attention was waiting.

Disney Cruise Lines are the only cruise line to have lifeguards on board, after a 4 year old nearly drowned on board. They swiftly hired them on all their ships.


I think it is parent’s responsibility to look after their own children, however incidents do happen and not every child will do as they are told. Also with huge ships like Oasis, it is easy to get lost (trust me, I am 29 and I get lost on cruise ships!). If there was a lifeguard on duty that day, the little boy may have not been underwater for as long and been spotted earlier.


Unfortunately there are some parents out there who think it’s their holiday as well and will leave the kids to it, downing cocktails one by one. Many people will not think this is acceptable behaviour, including me, but who am I to tell you how to raise and look after your kids? On my last blog, many commented saying they should not have lifeguards as it is 100% the parent’s responsibility, which I agree with, however I still think they should be on board for that extra bit of security, not just for children, but for adults as well.

What do you think about lifeguards? Is it totally up to the parents or do you think the cruise line should take part responsibility?

Sarah xxx

 Sarah    January 6th, 2015     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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