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Fire Burns Brighter In The Dark….

This week it was all over the news this week that Fred Olsen’s Boudicca had an engine room fire as she sailed off the coast of Casablanca Morocco. At the time there were 1,140 people on board including guests and crew. 


Luckily no one was hurt however you can imagine how scary that must have been for everyone on board! A cruise ship plunging into darkness, drifting away into the dark lonely sea….. Guests used social media to contact relatives to let them know they were safe. Ever since the tragic sinking of Costa Concordia I think it showed the cruise world that anything can happen… With a fool as a captain or not…! 

I must say it sounds like the crew on board did an amazing job of getting the fire under control and shows they are very safety conscious and prepared for the unknown. A spokesman for the firm said: “The safety of all guests and crew on board Boudicca is Fred. Olsen Cruise Line’s utmost priority.’

Unfortunately this was not the case for Oceania Insignia last month where tragically, three people died. All guests and crew on board were evacuated and part of its scheduled world cruise has been cancelled. 

It just shows we all need to make the most of everything and enjoy the time and experiences we have, because in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take…..

Until next time, be safe, Sarah xxx 



 Sarah    January 28th, 2015     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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