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Explore. Dream. Discover.

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 06 2014    Category: Uncategorized

These days you will find cruise ships covering nearly every region in the world, the world is (almost) your oyster. About 70% of our planet is covered in ocean, and the average depth of the ocean is several thousand feet (about 1000 meters). So, with all the destinations available, there ... Read More

It’s All About The Ports!

Date Posted: Tuesday, Apr 29 2014    Category: Uncategorized

When I go on a cruise, the destinations are a key factor in my decision making. Yes, I love to be surrounded by luxury but at the end of the day, the itinerary comes first for me. Cruise ships nowadays are all full of luxury and entertainment and I believe ... Read More

Start As You Mean To Go On…….

Date Posted: Tuesday, Apr 22 2014    Category: Uncategorized

You will always start your cruise holiday either sailing from a UK port or flying to a destination and transferring to a port. My experience of some is that many are pretty boring, for example, Southampton (unless you want to visit Ikea…)  I know normally you get a designated slot ... Read More

Tastes bad? You have no one to blame but yourself…..

Date Posted: Monday, Apr 14 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Over the years, I think I could probably count the number of people I have spoken to who said they really liked aeroplane food, on one hand. Nowadays on low cost airlines and chartered airlines, you normally have the option to choose whether you want to pre-purchase a meal ... Read More

Hakuna Matata!!!!

Date Posted: Tuesday, Apr 08 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I was so excited! I have just read that Celebrity Cruises will be introducing a new land-cruise vacation…. Which combines a 5 night stay in Africa and then an 11 or 12 night Black Sea cruise on Constellation! However, it seems at the moment is only for the American market. ... Read More

Virgin Cherry Popping

Date Posted: Tuesday, Apr 01 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Richard Branson is an iconic, extremely successful entrepreneur who likes to surprise people with his love for breaking the boundaries. I have a huge amount of respect for him and the hard work he puts into everything he does, especially his charity work.


The news recently about Virgin creating ... Read More

Let’s Go… To The Emirates!

Date Posted: Monday, Mar 24 2014    Category: Uncategorized

The United Arab Emirates is putting itself right in the middle of the cruise map. For several years now, cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, MSC and Costa have done cruises to and from Dubai, to include; Abu Dhabi and Oman, some also include Bahrain. Tourism is growing and it ... Read More

Germs Are Attacking! HELP! What Should I Do?

Date Posted: Monday, Mar 17 2014    Category: Uncategorized

For the past week I have been very poorly with gastroenteritis, so I have experienced something similar to the norovirus that we all know can ruin, and has ruined many passengers cruise holidays. Once it strikes it just wants to spread as far as it can, to as many people ... Read More

Keep it Green People…!!

Date Posted: Monday, Mar 10 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Following on from my blog last week regarding the environmental impact cruise ships have on our seas and land, I was very pleased to see that more countries are modernising their ports. Slowly, but surely, they are introducing shore side power. It is a system that allows cruise ships to ... Read More

Turn Green And Get Our Oceans Clean!

Date Posted: Monday, Mar 03 2014    Category: Uncategorized

The cruising industry has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. Bigger and more innovative ships are being built for the mass market with the cruise industry investing around $8 billion on 24 new ships through 2015. Yes, this is exciting, but did anyone ever think what environmental impact this ... Read More

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