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It’s Your Holiday…

Date Posted: Tuesday, Jul 29 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Cruise and stay holidays are a fantastic way to merge your cruise with a stay on land; whether you want a relaxing stay on the beach, explore a city or to combine a tour.

I have done a cruise and stay holiday and I think they are an amazing way ... Read More

What’s Your Thing?

Date Posted: Tuesday, Jul 22 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Tired of the same old cruise scene? Why not look at a themed cruise?  Everyone has their own hobbies and interests, some which they may not share with their friends and family, so, why not book a themed cruise and meet people who enjoy the same things as you!

Over the ... Read More

Too Good To Be True….

Date Posted: Tuesday, Jul 15 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I love seeing photos over the internet of amazing places around the world – they give me inspiration! However it seems sometimes we are fooled.

Nowadays, it seems you hardly see any images that have not had filters applied and had cropping to make that image ‘perfect’, as well as good ... Read More

Strange, But True Foods

Date Posted: Tuesday, Jul 15 2014    Category: Uncategorized

When I go away to different countries, I always try to eat the local cuisine and try to learn a bit about where it comes from and how they make it. My mum and aunts are amazing cooks, so I have grown up eating a very wide variety of foods ... Read More

A Garden Like No Other…..

Date Posted: Tuesday, Jul 15 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I was looking on the internet the other day and I came across some photos from a competition that featured living plant sculptures. They were created by international horticultural artists that originate from over twenty different countries around the world. I love art and if it includes any kind of ... Read More


Date Posted: Monday, Jun 09 2014    Category: Uncategorized

With the World Cup approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to look another one of my hobbies – watching football (especially Chelsea!)

Football is played all over the world and for those who are going away on cruise ships; good news is that majority of cruise lines will be ... Read More

Brace Yourself…..

Date Posted: Monday, Jun 02 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Last week, a US Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a dog relieved itself in the isle on a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. The passengers on board the aircraft were said to have been dry heaving and vomiting after staff tried desperately to clean ... Read More

What Goes Up Must Come Down….

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 27 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Are you afraid of flying? You will be now!! I consider myself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie but I am not so sure even I would like to be in a plane landing on some of these runways! Take a look (if you dare!)


Read More

Dicky’s At It Again!!

Date Posted: Monday, May 19 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Richard Branson is at it again and his new future plan is to develop hyper-sonic planes that can fly up to 19,000 miles per hour! To me, that sounds pretty crazy – even in the next 100 years where technology will be super advanced, it seems almost too futuristic and ... Read More

What Is Expected Of You??

Date Posted: Tuesday, May 13 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Have you ever been on a cruise stopping at different countries and wondered what you should be tipping in each place? And how much? You don’t want to offend anyone, but at the same time you do not want to be giving too much – unless you feel it was ... Read More

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