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This Is War!!!!

Date Posted: Tuesday, Oct 07 2014    Category: Uncategorized

In recent months there has been quite a stir on flights where passengers are reclining their seats to the annoyance of their fellow travellers behind them. It has now got to the point where they are actually coming to blows mid-flight and causing flights to make emergency landings. This is just not acceptable ... Read More

A Queen Turns 80!!!

Date Posted: Monday, Sep 29 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Queen Mary is quite possibly the most famous ship in the world and is known worldwide whether you are a cruiser or not. She set the standards for luxury cruising in 1934, which can still be seen throughout Cunard’s present ships.

When Queen Mary ... Read More

Stats & Facts

Date Posted: Monday, Sep 22 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Cruising has become so huge around the world and is one of the fastest growing sections in the travel industry. Nowadays you can easily find  cruise holiday that fits all criteria, from a fantastic family holiday, a couples getaway or explore and discover with a land tour add-on.

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I Need Some Space…..

Date Posted: Monday, Sep 15 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I have always wanted longer legs, however when flying, I am glad I am short! I can’t stand being squished into small spaces for lengths of time and I am sure many of you feel the same way. I don’t mind as much if it is a short flight in ... Read More

Cruise Lines Doing Good Deeds….

Date Posted: Monday, Sep 08 2014    Category: Uncategorized

It’s not that often that you hear about good deeds done by cruise lines and I was surprised to learn recently that actually many do, they just don’t publicise it! (But then again if you publicise it, it can be mistaken for personal gain…)


I must say I ... Read More

Hard to Digest???

Date Posted: Monday, Sep 01 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Majority of cruise ships nowadays have many restaurants, giving the customers the flexibility to choose what they want when they want it. Normally, specialty restaurants come with a cover charge and can be anything from $4.95 per person (based on Royal Caribbean’s Johnny Rockets) up to $40 per person (based on ... Read More

Is Budget Better?

Date Posted: Monday, Aug 25 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Here at cruise.co.uk, we tailor make a lot of cruise holidays all over the world. For European fly-cruises we use a number of airlines. Generally the cheaper options are the ‘budget airlines’ with the likes of EasyJet and Jet2. The great thing about these airlines is that they do a ... Read More

She’s Coming!!

Date Posted: Tuesday, Aug 19 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Images of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas have been released emerging from a dry dock in Germany. The inaugural sailing will on 2nd November 2014 and is sailing from Southampton to New York . This ship is going to be absolutely spectacular! Some of the facilities available on this ship ... Read More

The Summit of Your Belly….

Date Posted: Wednesday, Aug 13 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Everyone knows, whether you have cruised before or not, cruise ships are full of food! You can literally eat to your hearts content, what you want, whenever you want and where you want! There are buffets and restaurants galore and if you don’t fancy being sociable, you can even dine in ... Read More

Travel Broadens The Mind…And Breaks The Bank…

Date Posted: Monday, Aug 04 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Since last year, there has been uproar regarding rule changes by the Department of Education. I am sure everyone has heard about it, whether you have children or not. The new rules that have been introduced mean that ‘exceptional circumstance’ absences are a lot stricter. If parents decide to ignore the ... Read More

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