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Happy New Year To Me!!!!

Date Posted: Friday, Jan 02 2015    Category: Uncategorized

After my Christmas break from work, I came back to an amazing surprise….. I found out that I will be going on board the brand new P&O Britannia in March! What a great New Year’s present!! (Happy New Year to you all by the way!)

I have decided to take my ... Read More

On Board With Viking

Date Posted: Monday, Dec 22 2014    Category: Uncategorized

When looking through travel brochures, I find I am always looking at the wonderful pictures rather than taking in as much of the literature… So on this blog; I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking!

This is what to expect from a Viking River Cruise! Enjoy!

The Ship 

The ... Read More

Me and Viking Cruises ❤

Date Posted: Wednesday, Dec 17 2014    Category: Uncategorized

In November I was extremely lucky to travel on my first river cruise! I have to express what an enjoyable experience I had, I will even go as far as saying that I think I actually prefer this style of cruising over ocean cruise ships (and I have just got ... Read More

Plane Face…

Date Posted: Monday, Nov 24 2014    Category: Uncategorized

By the time you read this I will have flown out of UK and will be somewhere on board a river cruise! YAY! I leave tomorrow morning and I am really excited!

To be honest, I really dislike flying, not because of fear, but the havoc is causes to my body and ... Read More

Getting Ready To Go….

Date Posted: Monday, Nov 17 2014    Category: Uncategorized

On Friday, I will be having an early start to get the train to Heathrow to fly out to Budapest to join a Viking River Cruise. I have all my travel documents and I am raring to go!

The itinerary looks great and the included shore tours look really thorough, ... Read More

River or Ocean?

Date Posted: Monday, Nov 10 2014    Category: Uncategorized

So as you know, I am going on my first ever river cruise very soon, so I have been comparing them to ocean cruises. They certainly are very different and both have their plus points. I must say, I like the look of river cruising more and more every day. ... Read More

River Cruising – What’s It All About?

Date Posted: Tuesday, Nov 04 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Since I found out I am going on my first river cruise I have been looking into it in more depth. It seems so much is included in the fare and I can see why they are so popular! (Especially at the moment, as we have some amazing ... Read More

Budapest and the Danube

Date Posted: Monday, Oct 27 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I have exciting news! I found out the other day that I have been offered a trip for 4 nights with Viking River Cruises at the end of November!! This will be my first adventure on board a river cruise ship and I am really rather excited! We will be ... Read More

What Now??

Date Posted: Monday, Oct 20 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I was thinking the other day – what are cruise lines going to do on future ships to make them even more innovative? The Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines ships are just magnificent! When you think how big they are and the facilities they have on offer, it really ... Read More

Heathrow Starts Ebola Screening

Date Posted: Tuesday, Oct 14 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Heathrow Airport has announced it is starting a passenger screening process for the deadly virus, Ebola.  As of next Tuesday, passengers arriving into Terminal 1 that have originated in Ebola affected countries within West Africa, will be having their temperatures tested, along with a questionnaire they will need to complete ... Read More

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