P&O Cruises To Offer Drinks Packages.

Following on from my recent post regarding Cunard Line now offering drinks packages on board, P&O Cruises have decided to follow suit. The last of the major players to do so and following a trial on board selected sailings last year P&O have given their guests the choice of booking a selection of new drinks packages.

The new packages will be available to buy on board from the following dates.

 Azura – 26 March 2019
 Britannia – 7 April 2019
 Aurora – 8 April 2019
 Iona – TBC
 Oceana – 18 April 2019
 Ventura – 23 April 2019
 Arcadia – 5 May 2019

Drinks packages will be available on cruises of five nights or more and must be purchased for every day of your cruise. You can buy packages at any bar on board until midnight on night two of your cruise and you can use your package in all the restaurants, bars and cafés on board.

The new packages are as follows.

The Ultimate Drinks Package – £39.95pp per day. Includes an array of beers, single-measure spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to £6.95. Unlimited draught soft drinks, mocktails, and small bottled water. Primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas, hot chocolates.

The Non-alcoholic drinks package – £19.95pp per day. Includes a selection of drinks from a mocktail to a primo Costa coffee, take your pick from a huge range of refreshing soft drinks.

The Hot drinks package – £10.95pp per day. A choice of unlimited primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas and hot chocolates.

The children’s drinks package – £7.95pp per day. An unlimited amount selected soft drinks.

So there you have it, P&O go all in with the drinks packages.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Bye for now.


3 Comments on “P&O Cruises To Offer Drinks Packages.

  1. Nearly a thousand pounds for me and partner for 12 nights ,we do like a tipple but that is taking the mick !!!! Would be falling over every day if we used all that amount .

  2. I’ve done loads of crushing with Thomson and always had drinks packages but not that expensive I’m going on the Azure in December I will not be buying the drinks package as it’s well over priced why not do cheaper for 14days that way you would sell more we do not drink that much anyway thanks Margaret millward

  3. Absolutely outrageous in my opinion. Thank goodness I don’t need alcohol a glass of wine with dinner is my limit. I am concerned that if people are paying that much there are going to be many drinking to excess because they can and they have paid for it.

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