Hooking Up On The High Seas – Adults Only Cruise With A Twist.

On cruises let’s face it, it happens. Consenting adults, drinks packages and sunshine can sometimes lead to, how can I put this…..’shenanigans’. There is one cruise company who have launched a sailing which actively promotes said ‘shenanigans’. Ever felt the need on a cruise to ‘experiment and enhance your sexual freedom in a surreal atmosphere’? Well, now you can.

Temptation Caribbean Cruise line has launched an adults-only voyage that’s complete with topless-optional sunbathing, poolside soirees, themed “fantasy parties” and even a “red room.” Only adults over the age of 21 will be allowed on the five-night voyage, which sets sail on February 13th, 2020 from Tampa, Florida and will visit Cozumel, Mexico and George Town, Grand Cayman.

During the sailing, singles and couples alike can engage in a variety of entertainment opportunities, from the expected —  stand-up comedy performances and dance nights at the onboard Starquest nightclub — to the downright salacious.

Guests can take advantage of Temptation’s “Naughty by Nature Red Room,” which they tout as a “signature playground exclusively for couples” where they offer “stimulating tantric workshops led by top sexologists” by day and an “ultimate fantasy space for couples looking to expand, experiment and enhance their sexual freedom in a surreal atmosphere” by night, according to a press release.

Passengers can also take part in themed parties, similar to those offered at Temptation’s Cancun Resort, such as the 1980s ‘Let’s Glow’ neon event, ‘Onezie Funzie’ adult sleepover party and the ‘Back to School Sexy Nerds & Mean Girls’ party. Cruisers can also enjoy two pools and three whirlpools — where swimsuit tops are an optional clothing choice.

Rodrigo de la Peña, CEO of Original Group, Temptation’s parent company, said in a statement. “Between the curated events led by our Play Makers and the debut of our new Red Room as the ultimate naughty twist to the cruise itinerary, this will be the most alluring cruise for couples and singles.”

Not for the more traditional cruiser I’m sure, but for those who have always wanted to ‘experiment and enhance their sexual freedom in a surreal atmosphere’ this one’s for you!

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5 Comments on “Hooking Up On The High Seas – Adults Only Cruise With A Twist.

  1. I have no objection to people sunbathing topless,although why you would want to have burnt breasts is beyond my comprehension. However I am a great believer in everyone should be allowed to exercise their right to do what they like as long as they don’t include me.

  2. You could sunbath topless on cunard at the back of the ship
    I think on some ships they do but I don’t think they like to advertise it and don’t forget there are cameras all over the ship so someone will be watching

  3. It is not the women that cause offence being topless, it is the fat bellied, man boobs Americans and some Brits that are repulsive.
    These people drink all day, never get out of the pool!!? Then become a nuisance early evening through all day drinking.
    I would rather have an elderly old lady laying next to me than loud drunk?

  4. its not a new thing.I was on a caribean Cruise about 15 years ago and on one part of the Ship was topless Bathing ,so as the saying goes When in Rome,,,So I went Topless .I had been going to Spain for Several years where every Beach is Topless.Even come accross nudist Beaches and joined the trend.Nobody could have been brought up more Prudish than Me.I daren’t tell my mother even though I was in My 50s when I first did it

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