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Working Like A Swede – The Results (so far)……

I wrote a blog a number of weeks ago about the way I was now working, like a Swede! The sitting disease seems to be a hot topic these days and as such many are now taking to standing at their desks rather than sitting, an approach our Swedish counterparts have embraced whole heartedly.


This is of course is not a new idea, and many have thought standing is a more effective approach to sitting, Winston Churchill famously stood to work.


It has been claimed that it takes 2-3 weeks for your body to get used to this approach, I’m now five weeks in. So how have I found it??


I can still vividly remember day 1, who knew standing all day was so tiring!?! I found myself shifting my weight from side to side an awful lot and by the end of the working day I was tired and in need of a good sit down. It did however get a lot easier and by the end of the first week it felt normal. I still find that I shift my weight from side to side and stand in different positions throughout the day but not near as much as when I first started.


It is said that working like this is also good for your concentration and productivity levels, I would find this hard to calculate so can’t really comment on this. Will I continue to work like this? Yes absolutely! I like the idea of standing all day as opposed to sitting and if this has a positive impact on my health then it’s a no brainer of a decision. At the end of the working day I find I have more energy and am more alert than I was when sitting all day.


So my question to you is, are you ready to take on the standing challenge???

 Sian    November 11th, 2014     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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