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Does Oasis of the Seas Live Up To the Hype???

My favourite kind of ships have always been midsize ships. I like these first and foremost for the fact they are big enough to have plenty to do on board but not over run with thousands of people. On Tuesday this all changed, I was not expecting this to happen. Tuesday was the day I visited the Oasis of the Seas!!


I have visited many ships in Southampton for day visits, these usually start at midday and then you get off early afternoon in time for sail away. Due to the fact the Oasis wasn’t sailing till midnight we were on board till almost 10 at night, giving us a great opportunity to see the ship both at day and at night.


Well first impressions are obvious the ship is enormous as you would expect, it’s not the height or length, it’s how wide she is that makes her really stand out. This really gives the ship an overall fantastic feel of space on board. Royal Caribbean know us well and our first stop was lunch, we ate in one of the main dining rooms. These have just been re designed in preparation for when the ship adopts dynamic dining. The food we had was nice, not the best I’ve had at sea though.


We then spent the afternoon exploring the ship and carrying out tasks, giving us a chance to find out weird and wonderful facts about the ship and really experience it. We tried for a hole in one at the crazy golf area, then played ‘ga ga ball’ before a small science experiment. Here are a few snaps from what we saw…


Playing a bit of golf


Trying to get a job at the pool


Don’t look down…….


Take a look…..


Taking the bus


‘Ga Ga Ball’


We then went for dinner this time at the Solarium, by the spa it is set up as a speciality dining in the evening. I’m always a bit dubious of these as on other ships I’ve been on they just change the menu but make no alterations to the surroundings. The solarium however was properly decked out with chair and table coverings and had a really nice feel, the food in here was fabulous.






After our stomachs were fit to burst we managed to squeeze in a bit of a show before disembarking. As you can imagine the show was fantastic!


So what did I take away from my day on the Oasis? Well it was not as I expected, it exceeded all expectations I really didn’t think I would like it as much as I would. The ship is without a doubt the most exciting, innovative ship I have set foot on. So much so, I have managed to convince my other half that next year we will be taking a cruise on her sister ship in the med!

 Sian    October 18th, 2014     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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