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Cruise Packing Essentials

It’s a little over two weeks until I board the Queen Mary 2, this will be my second time on this magnificent vessel. We recently wrote about 10 things to do before you cruise which you can read here. I’m not sure that all of these appear on my list! There are of course some essentials that you MUST take!



E Tickets

Copy of your travel insurance

Car parking/Coach tickets


If you aren’t cruising from the UK then you are probably bound by airline luggage limits, which are not at all generous! If you’re packing for beach wear, cool evenings and possible formal nights you need to pack carefully. Here is a list of things you should leave behind and will allow you too free up some on that precious space.


Towels! Neither beach not shower towels, they are always provided.

Toiletries, take a few, but there is always soap at the sink and shampoo/shower cream in the shower

Hair Dryer

Food/Drink, there is never a shortage on a cruise

Books, why not borrow one from the library?

Computer/tablet, use the ones on board


My biggest and most repeated packing failure is my insistence on taking too many clothes, I never wear them all, but I am still convinced that if I don’t take them I will need them! I’m also a very last minute packer. All in all I enjoy the process of preparing for holiday, I like the build-up and the anticipation of what lie ahead.


I can’t wait to get on board the QM2 again, thankfully we are sailing to and from Southampton so no worries about luggage limits and as we are only away for 3 days I shall try my hardest not to over pack!

 Sian    November 25th, 2014     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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