You have to see this film………..

As it’s the Summer Holidays I took my Niece April last week to the Cinema to see a film of her choice for her 9th Birthday. She was really pleased when she saw ‘Hotel Transylvania 3 – Summer Vacation’ was showing, as I’d not seen 1 or 2 I did wonder whether I’d pick up the Storyline but she reassured me I’d love it.

As we took our seats and the film began I realised the Storyline was a little more close to home than I had imagined. The animated monster family headed off on a Suprise holiday booked by Dracs Daughter. they ended up on a ‘Luxury’ Monster cruise ship. I found the whole film absolutely hilarious and ended up being that person that laughs at everything and really gets on your nerves!!!!

From the moment they boarded the plane with the Air Hostess’ throwing crisps, nuts, and snacks at everybody’s heads, to the oxygen gremlins that fell down from the overhead compartment puffing air into everybody’s mouths, every detail had been meticulously thought about, and for anybody that works in or loves to Cruise it is certainly a must see from me.

The Monsters on board indulged in the Monster ship’s fun programme including volleyball, exotic excursion, shuffleboard, topping up their tan, and the icing on the cake was when Mr & Mrs Fox dropped their Kids off at Kid’s club. They could not believe they could drop off their tiresome brood for somebody else to look after and then head off to do exactly what they wanted. When it came to it they had absolutely no idea what they wanted to do as they don’t normally get any time alone.

The whole film was brilliant from beginning to end, I wonder if they will show it on any sailings next year???? Wait and see…………………………..



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